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Pope County Food Drop

Tuesday, July 13th 
Glenwood United Parish

IMPORTANT CHANGES: Registration will take place online or by phone ONLY. Registration will be a two step process. Both steps must be complete to be registered to receive food.  

Step 1. Register online or by phone.

  • Online: Online Registration opens Sunday, July 11th at 10am. Complete the online form by Monday, June 12th by 2pm.
  • Phone: Call our office at 320-834-7800. Registration is open Monday, June 12th between 10am - 2pm. Ask to register for the Food Drop. We will complete registration over the phone. 

Step 2. We will call or email you with a food pick-up after your registration. You can only pick-up food during the pick-up timeslot you receive. We will be tracking names and times. 

All information is kept confidential between United Way staff and Food Drop volunteers. Pick-up times will start in the afternoon, and continue until the last registrant has received food.

Find upcoming Food Drop dates on our Calendar.

Registration for the Pope County Food Drop is now closed. 

If you have registered you will receive an email or phone call from United Way staff. This will include your pick up time. If your email is incorrect, if your email inbox or voicemail is full, we are not responsible for getting a hold of you. If you do not receive a confirmation with a pick-up time, you MUST CONTACT US to confirm or receive a pick-up time.

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