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Seeking Volunteers?

GetConnected |

GetConnected is United Way’s website that hosts Douglas and Pope County volunteer needs from local non-profits. Douglas and Pope County non-profits are welcome to use this website to promote their volunteer opportunities.

This year we are seeing up to 674 needs being viewed in just one month! This website is promoted in local businesses and through the Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce. Users seeking volunteer opportunities can create a profile, choose their favorite organizations and receive email updates when new opportunities are added.

The more non-profits actively posting on this website, the better! When new volunteer needs are posted users get an email nudge to check out the website again. It’s a win-win.


How to login to your page:

1.      Visit

2.      Click the blue “Login” button in the upper right corner

3.      If your organization is registered enter your username and password.

If your organization is not registered use this link to create an account: Your organization will need to wait for approval. For fast approval please complete this step then email

If you are unsure if your organization has a page, please return to  Scroll down to the bottom of the website. In the “Recent Agencies” section (under the white boxes with featured organizations logos) click the small text that says “View All Agencies”.

Adding Volunteer Needs:

  1. Login (see instructions above)
  2. Click “Needs” from the options tool bar.
  3. Click the blue button “Add Need”
  4. Complete the form to add your Need.*

*Please do not set the timeline for your Need as “Ongoing”. Instead update monthly by using the “Clone” button. You can do this by selecting a current volunteer need, then scrolling to the bottom of the page and hitting the “Clone” button. Each time a new need is added it creates an email nudge that lets users know that new needs have been added!

User and Password Problems:

If you:

  • Forgot your username or password
  • Would like to switch or assign a new page administrator
  • Have duplicate pages
  • Have a page but can’t access it

Please email Kendall at


  1. Scrub your page! Make sure your organization and contact information are up to date. Add photos to make your page more engaging.
  2. Share your page or volunteer needs on Facebook or by email! This way volunteer role information can be stored and updated in one place but marketed in many!
  • 3M
  • Calvary
  • Livewire
  • Massman
  • AmericanSolutions