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No one hungry

"The United Way Food Drop at New Life Church has been a saving grace this past year. It has provided me a sense of stability during a career transition and has allowed me to fit unexpected, and costly, home repairs into my monthly budget. I am so grateful for this community resource and for those who volunteer. Each food drop event is a very comfortable exchange and has a large team of volunteers that treat you with respect. Thank you for all you do!" 

We are continuously improving the Food Drop!

The Food Drop location rotates months between New Life Christian Church (Alexandria) and Glenwood United Parish (Glenwood). Residents of Douglas and Pope County are welcome to register and receive food in either county. We serve around 240 households in Douglas County and 120 in Pope County.  

We’ve started selecting the foods that we receive at the Food Drop so we can ensure quality, variety and provide items that compliment meal planning. In March 2024 our order included:

  • Fruit & vegetables (bagged potatoes, canned fruits, frozen green beans)
  • Milk
  • Protein (canned tuna, cottage cheese)
  • Instant meals (cheesy tuna skillet, instant oatmeal, frozen breakfast sandwiches, canned soups)
  • Meal sides (noodles, biscuit mix, boxed stuffing)

It only takes 10-15 minutes to receive food from the Food Drop. Attendees register two days prior the scheduled Food Drop online or by phone. Attendees come at their scheduled time and are promptly checked in at their car by United Way Staff or volunteers. They then wait in a queue and are welcomed through to the loading area within minutes of their scheduled time. Recipients stay in their car, eliminating the need for them to lift, load or deal with weather that could pose a threat for those with limited mobility.

We believe the Food Drop is a successful access point for people because of these amenities. Studies show that seniors in rural areas are less likely to utilize food assistance programs because of stigma. However, nearly 50% of households served at the Food Drop fall into the age category of 65+.

We know that multiple points of access to food support are important for fighting hunger in a community. Bernice, Director of the Outreach Food Shelf, has the following to say:

“Partnering with the United Way has been a great way to help our food insecure. In Douglas County approximately 32% of those living in poverty come to the food shelf for help. It takes a community to address food insecurity. Our goal is that no one in Douglas County goes hungry and our partnership with the United Way has enabled us to reach more people.”

The Food Drop is a low barrier program. Though 90% of households served at the Food Drop are at 200% poverty* there is still room for those who are experiencing a tough month or a temporary hardship to participate. During registration all participants acknowledge that the Food Drop is intended for those faced with hardship or limited income.

*Family of 4 making $62,400 or less per year.

Consider becoming a Friend of the Food Drop to show your commitment to end hunger in our community. Friend of the Food Drop sponsors receive their logo on the back of our 2024/2025 
t-shirts. To learn more email Jen Jabas at 


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