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"What If"

We are so excited to be kicking of our 2022/23 Campaign "What If?"

Each year we select a theme to help us tell our story about the work that we do to address the most pressing needs that people in our community face. This year we're exploring "What If's". 

  • What if we could provide mental health services, barrier free, for those who need it?
  • What if I got involved?
  • What if I volunteered?
  • What if together we could create change in Douglas & Pope Counties?

We would like to invite you to consider what we could accomplish together. 

Play the "What If" Game 

What if you:
Got Connected and became an advocate? 
Found the perfect volunteer gig? 
Improved someone's life through a donation?
Connected with friends and supported a good cause?




  • 3M
  • Calvary
  • Livewire
  • Massman
  • AmericanSolutions